7 Tips To Improve Your Daily Posture

No matter if we are walking or casually sitting on a kitchen island and sipping coffee, every single activity in our life demands proper body language. You cannot simply sport a sluggish look while you are giving a presentation. Similarly, when you are relaxing by the pool, you cannot make your body stiff. These things are quite minute and in most cases, normal people forget to employ them in their busy schedule.

We don’t often spare a glance at the consequences that these bad postures can bring in our lives. In fact, whenever our doctors try to warn us, we simply brush off their advances. After all, we remain healthy as a horse at the times.

However, the main concern comes when you will have to face some horrible backaches or neck pains after you wake up from sleep or you stand up after sitting for prolonged hours in one place. The human skeletal system acts differently than our other body organ systems. Being the innermost part, we often don’t understand its anatomy, and perhaps that’s the primal reason why we tend to go for the wrong postures and positions.

Each of our bones has its own curvature, be it the spine with an S-shaped curve or the hands and the legs with a straight curve. Even the muscles attached to the bones act according to the movement of the muscles.

This is why any prolonged improper posture will always lead to aches in bones and muscles. And if the condition prevails for a long time, your body’s proper curvature will be disrupted. Many women, who don’t give proper attention to their outgrowing pelvic bones suffer from forwarding pelvic tilt. Again, those who continue to do work by leaning their head too much in the forward direction, suffer from the forward head tilt.

Tips To Improve Your Daily Posture

These things are easy to develop but hard to return back in their original shape. This is why proper care should be taken from the beginning only. This will both protect your body and will save you from the unnecessary tensions of reshaping the bones.

So, not to delve further into the pros and cons of good and bad postures, let’s get straight into the ways in which you can keep your daily postures better and prevent your body from getting deformed. Though sometimes, the doctor prefers exercise to be in shape, some minute postural behaviors matter in this case too.


As you know, yoga can actually help a lot in improving the postures of your body. if you feel like you don’t have enough time for the same, don’t worry. Even a ten-minute yoga will benefit your body’s curvature a lot and will release all the stiffness and soreness from your bones and your muscles. Make sure to do a lot of stretching yoga at first to give your muscles a proper treatment before going on the twisting ones.


For some, rolling the shoulders here and there might seem to be a funky attitude- something done out of disrespect. However, recent medical studies have shown that rolling the shoulders maintains the health of your ball and socket joint, your scapula, the collarbones, and even the neck. So try to give minimal relief to your shoulders which can sometimes slouch due to the workload.


No matter if you have to do something with hovering over the workstation, keep your chin perpendicular to the shoulders. This will keep your neck bones and also the muscles straight and without an ache developing in the regions. Be sure to keep the earlobes right above your shoulder tip because that is the exact posture for the proper neck posture.


Many women believe that sitting in a slant position or with legs crossed is an act of feminity. Well, your health comes first then all maintaining proper feminine decorum. This is why always sit with straight legs, keeping the feet on the floors. Tilting or bending your legs puts a strain on your calf muscles, your thigh muscles, and even on your hip muscles. So try to sit in a normal position to keep them active and without any pain.


 If you have any confusion about your standing posture, then the best way to correct them is to stand against a wall where your head, your back, your hips, and your ankles will touch the wall. If you cannot stand in the first attempt, this means that you have a faulty posture. Practice this regularly for two to three minutes to get back into the original position. This might be a bit painful if your body is normally sporting a slouched position. But, over time, you will be accustomed to the position.


 Many times we have a problem in our neck, our shoulders, back, and even in the abdominal region, for sitting in one place for too long. Also, if you have to lean in too much for doing your work, it’s better to change the position of the workstation. When you are working on a laptop, be sure to make the keyboard at your face level. This will help you in keeping the chin straight, without putting any extra strain on your neck muscles.


Do move around a lot and never forget, ‘rest’ is only a Newtonian concept with no permanent existence. Just don’t work continuously for hours while sitting at the same place while standing in the never-ending queue for too long. This will cause more problems than doing any good. So, whenever you will get a chance, just grab a coffee or stroll around in your cabin.

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Always remember, your posture is not only a medium of expressing your thoughts and your personality, but it is also a medium of staying healthy and fit over the years. So, no matter how busy you are, always try to attain the correct body posture to avoid any further complications.

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