6 Benefits of Having a Good Posture

When this word comes to your mind, what does your mind relays at first? Is it sitting posture or exercising posture? Well, recent studies have shown that the word ‘posture’ is related to a number of different aspects and not just only a particular type of position. In fact, when you are climbing up a stair or climbing down a stair, you need to maintain the correct posture.

Books and dictionaries define having a good and correct posture in a rather literary way. However, when you will apply the concept to the real-life condition, you need to understand a few basics about what posture is and then what a good posture is.

What Do You Mean by Having a Good Posture in Real Life?

Many people will associate the term ‘good posture’ with the way of talking, sitting, or presenting yourself all in all. However, that is not the entire picture. Posture is just like a coin and what most people think of is the behavioral posture.

The other side of the coin remains hidden from most of the people and that is why understanding this fact on a whole new level isn’t possible for them.

The hidden face of the coin symbolizes a good posture to be one, which will have a minimum effect on your rigid body. Sometimes sitting in a random fashion or sleeping in a random posture can cause strain on your body. As a result, you will develop aching body parts, especially a sore neck or back is common. This is what should be avoided at any cost and for that, you need to know the best postures for doing an activity.

Apart from having psychological importance, posture does have physical importance too; one that is commonly ignored by many.

Benefits of Having a Good Body Posture

Having a good posture isn’t just having proper body language. It means having an active position, which will have minimal strain on your bones and muscles, and in turn on your organs.

If you are still unknown of the benefits of good posture, then here we have listed down some of the common benefits.


Proper posture will help in the proper alignment of not only your bones and muscles but also your organ system. If you are eating your meal sitting in a hunched position, your thoracic and abdominal cavity will be somewhat compressed and as a result, your alimentary canal will not be dilated to its full capacity. As a result, digestion will take longer and in some cases, you will have improper digestion. This is why having a good posture is extremely beneficial for proper digestion.


The human spine is curved in an S shape in order to support the weight of the body and allow flexible movements in all directions. This curvature of the spine depends greatly on your posture. A person who tends to remain in a hunched position for too long usually develops a humped back in the older age. Again, when you are moving if you don’t keep your shoulders straight, the entire weight of your upper body will fall directly on your spine, especially in the cervical and the lumbar region causing back pains.


Maintaining a proper posture will help your thoracic cavity to expand freely during inhalation. This means it will help your lungs to draw the maximum capacity of air laden with oxygen during one inspiration cycle. Again, if you manage to breathe out while maintaining a correct posture, your thoracic cavity will be able to compress properly. In a way, you will also ensure the health of your ribs and the intercostal muscles, which play an important role in both inspiration and expiration.


Reports have shown that proper posture improves oxygen inhalation more than normal conditions. As a result, more oxygen reaches your brain, in turn, the neurons. This improves the concentration power of your cerebrum as your neurons work faster at a heightened rate of 20% more.


Proper posture will help in reducing the stiffness of your shoulders and muscles, thereby reducing the levels of tension. Reports have shown that people who suffer from depression or anxiety tend to have a slouched posture, which adds to their psychological ailment. This is why maintaining a proper posture is crucial for those who suffer from different kinds of psychological problems.


Improper posture can lead to weakened muscular health. Though the condition isn’t to arise overnight, the prolonged effects make the treatment harder. This is why maintaining good postures during your activities will help you in having proper muscles. In fact, when you are doing exercises, be it hitting the gym or doing yoga, take a note of the correct posture and try to align your body according to that. This will help you in getting toned muscles.

Thus, concluding it can be said that maintaining a proper posture in every activity isn’t just an option for delivering a proper behavioral message. It is a crucial part of establishing a healthy lifestyle.

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