Signs You Will Notice When You Have A Bad Posture

Human lifestyle works on proper decorum, be it in the way of speaking or in the way, you are presenting yourself. Every simple action of yours greatly affects your lifestyle and your health too. For example, if you are not getting any proper sleep and becoming somewhat of an insomniac, then not only will your mood be dampened but also your health will be at high risk.

The same happens when you are not maintaining a proper posture while performing any activity, even if that means sitting and watching a boring TV show in one place. Many times when we remain within the confines of our dwelling places, we relax and sit or sleep in any position, whichever we find comfortable.

However, we remain ignorant of the fact that our negligence towards the correct posture is hampering our mood, and our health in many ways. In fact, many times, we don’t even recognize which is the correct posture and which isn’t. After all, humans actually do not think a lot about maintaining their body stature for their health. 

Side Effects Of Having A Bad Posture

And you being a busy person, never ever gave a second thought to the way you are sitting or standing. If you are unaware of the side effects of having a bad posture for a prolonged time, then it’s better to know before anything goes bad. After all, precaution is better than care!

Here are some of the common side effects after maintaining an improper posture for a long time:

  • Sleeping or sitting improperly will have bad effects on your bones and the alignment of the skeletal system. This can lead to soreness of the body parts, especially in the hands, the spine, and the pelvic regions.
  • Sometimes, improper position restricts the flow of blood and thus leads to poor blood circulation. As a result, the area starts to become numb due to a reduced oxygen supply. This happens when you sit for hours without moving your legs.
  • Again, reports have shown that a bad posture gives an open invitation to dampen mood and irritability. Sitting in a slouched position will definitely make you drowsy and you will lose the enthusiasm to do any work.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the major side effects discovered in many people who always tend to ignore the correct posture for any work. They have a stiff and sore arm and neck muscles as the nerves controlling them are suppressed.
  • When you are presenting yourself in front of somebody, then maintaining a proper posture is extremely necessary as it gives away your personality and also motivates you in a positive way.

How To Know If You Are In A Bad Posture?

With today’s busy life, it is really difficult to know which position is good and which isn’t. And that is why early precautions should always be taken despite the fact that we mostly don’t follow up with the posture guides. But knowing when you are in a bad shape, you can easily block out the negative effects of maintaining your busy schedule.


Many times, you have this innate tendency to do work by leaning down over it. Some people even hover over their interests in a position where they put excessive strain on their neck and the cervical region of the spine. This is what we call the forward head charge.

According to medical science, the proper position of your head should be in a way where your ears sit just above the shoulder in a straight line. Leaning forward means displacing your head from the line and hence, it puts excessive pressure over the neck.


The alignment of the shoulder blades with the body must be in a way where they are at right angles with your head. This ensures that the neck muscles and the muscles around the sternum and the upper arm aren’t getting too strained.

However, when you are sitting in front of the laptop for too long, your shoulders lose their stiffness and you slouch back. This position is known as the slumped shoulder. The main identity factor of having a slumped shoulder is the improper inclination of your head and your shoulder blades.


The upper part of your spine, near your cervical and the thoracic region, is in the shape of a semi-circular arch with a considerable aperture. However, when you lean into doing something and remain in that position for too long, you tend to have a hunched back.

The risk of getting a hunched back is in the distortion of the spine curvature. This forces the spines to become stiff and hence the muscles get sore.


In case of the anterior pelvic tilt, the hips and the entire pelvic region push in the forward direction, thereby making your upper body lean inside. This leads to poor posture and also makes the hip and the pelvic muscles sore. Your bottom part will stick out like a sore thumb, causing your overall appearance to diminish in effect.


Flat feet mean the absence of curvature in your feet. The foot curvature is essentially crucial in maintaining the correct posture of your lower body including the knees and the pelvic region. When your feet will touch the ground entirely, you will have an adverse effect on the tarsal bones, which in turn will generate pressure in your knees and your pelvic bones, thereby causing a pelvic tilt.

These positions are some, which you experience almost throughout the day, and even without knowing the adversities they can have on your body, you continue to act in those postures. Bad postures are hard to identify as one needs to know about the proper anatomy of the body and that’s why most people remain ignorant of it.

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